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Hello, my name is Debbie McCoy and i have been happily married for 38 years. I am the mother of three boys, ages 37, 35, and 24. I have four grandchildren, my oldest grandchild lives with me. I recently had to quit working, which left me with a lot of spare time on my hands. To fill this extra time, I devote myself to sewing projects. Quilting is my favorite. I also enjoy making doll clothes, crocheting, baby clothes, dog clothes, and I have made wedding dresses.

Friday, June 19, 2009

"A Quilters Snowflake"
In early December 2008, I started this quilt as a birthday present for my oldest son. With only three months till his birthday on March 22, I didn't have any time to spare. So with that in mind, I quickly got to work. This was no easy task however, as every spare minute was filled with sewing, basting, and quilting. I thought that I was doing very well with almost three-quarters of it quilted, then I noticed my mistake. So then of course, I had to rip out a block of quilting to fix the problem. With every stitch I had to remove, it was like I could hear the clock ticking as time ran out. As I'm sure anyone with experience has guessed, I should have started a little sooner. I FINISHED IN MAY!!!

Can you find my mistake in the above picture?
(Scroll down for the answer.)

Answer: My mistake is hidden in the top left corner of the 1st and 3rd picture.
I wish I had seen it sooner!

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